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Fall Sale

Rules & Regulations ***Must READ***

Please Call for Space with any questions 360-907-5919

Registration for November 4th 2023

  • Order as many postcards as you can distribute: (Please indicate quantity)
  • SPOT Requests:

    Indicate number of spots requested – (all spots are inside with no tables or power – you can bring your own tables)
  • 10x10' spot
    Includes $3 transaction fee.
    Price: $88.00
  • 10x10' Spot
    Includes $3 transaction fee.
    Price: $128.00
  • Consisting of selling a product/s or a service/s
    10x10' Spot
    Includes $3 transaction fee.
    Price: $278.00
  • Must Purchase for all Spaces
    $25 per spot upgrade
    Price: $25.00
  • Price: $100.00
  • (You get 2 Per space Max 4 per Vendor)
    Valid for Day of Sale during vendor hours - $10/each.
    Price: $10.00
  • $0.00
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    The NW’S Largest Garage Sale (LGS LLC), its associated committee(s) or authorities, reserves the right to exclude or reject without recourse any person or items which violate the following rules, or are otherwise deemed objectionable. The NW’S Largest Garage Sale and LGS LLC reserve the right to exclude without any recourse any person or items, which violate the following rules, or are otherwise deemed objectionable.

    1. Anything (Almost Anything) you would sell at your home sale is acceptable at the NW’S. Largest Garage Sale.
    2. The following items are not acceptable: food & beverage sales, Drug Paraphernalia, or pornography.
    3. Space Location: Pre-Assigned & will be given to you 2 weeks prior to sale
    4. If you rent More than 1 space they will be all together
    5. All Vendors Must Be Open in their Assigned Space Beginning until the End of Sale Saturday 7am to 5pm
    6. All Sellers Indoor Spots are Bare space Tables available for rent or Bring your own
    7. Guns allowed for sale but must not be Loaded or in arms reach of children
    8. Sellers will be admitted two hour earlier than the posted opening hours the days of the event.
    9. Sellers must be moved in by opening hours 7am for early Bird shoppers (no Load in on Saturday)
    10. Tables will be Pre- Rented for $12 ea or you can bring your Own ($20 day of set up)
    11. Cancellation of Sellers space All Spaces Once Paid are 100% Non-Refundable
    12. Alcohol is not allowed to be brought on the Garage Sale grounds at any time.
    13. Seller must park in Vendor Parking Area and have Vendor parking Pass showing on dash board to be free (one auto per pass) no RVs in this area
    14. Vendor gets 1 Free parking Pass regardless of how many spaces rented
    15. Indoor spaces are all 10X10
    16. LLC. is not responsible for any loss, Stolen or damaged item’s.
    17. Camping Overnight Must be approved through the Fairgrounds
    18. Friday is vendor set up Only No Shopping and or selling
    19. No Loud Music or amplified Speakers duck calls etc
    20. Friday after set up Cover your Booth
    21. Security is onsite from Friday Night Until sale is Over LGS is not responsible for theft or loss of items all Theft will be prosecuted
    22. No helium balloons or free floating devices propane or gasses allowed in building
    23. Any fighting, cursing or aggressive behavor will be banned from sale with no refunds
    24. After sale is over all items including garbage must be removed from your space & building or a $100 dump fee will be charged
    25. No smoking inside building smoking in designated outside areas only
    26. all spaces Verified for correct items being sold if you are a business a business must claim items selling and pay for the correct space (only 1 Company allowed per sale) and must be pre-approved
    27. NW’S LARGEST Garage Sale & Vintage Sale reserves the right to Remove any seller and or cancel sellers space for non-compliance to any of the rules without refund

    This request to reserve vendor space constitutes an expressed contractual agreement that I agree to all rules and conditions of the Fall 2023 NW’S LARGEST GARAGE SALE & VINTAGE SALE and that I hereby release NW’s LARGEST GARAGE SALE and Vintage Sale from any and all liabilities concerning loss of personal property and/or personal injury that might occur either directly or indirectly from my attending the event.

Thank you for your Continued Support, Kim & David Buffum www.nwgsales.com