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Seller Info

Sellers: 3 Easy Ways to register:

  1. Register & Pay Online
  2. Print off Mail in Application & Mail in with Check/Money order
  3. Call us with Credit Card Payment 360-907-5919

  • April 18th 2020 Spring Registration:
  • ▄ ▀ ▄ ▀ ▄ ▀ CANCELLED ▀ ▄ ▀ ▄ ▀ ▄

For Information on waitlist for Main Hall Please call 360-907-5919

NW Largest Garage Sale April 18 Sale and 2020 Coronavirus (COVID-19) FAQ

The Fairgrounds / Event Center and NW Largest Garage Sale is closely monitoring information shared by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and Clark County Health Department about COVID-19.

NW Largest Garage Sale are still planning on having our Sale on April 18th 2020 as Planned We want our vendors and customers Safe. Safety is our main objective always. So if we have to postpone the Sale we will transfer funds to the new date or to November 2nd 2020 Sale Spaces are still 100% Non-Refundable and all sellers and shoppers participate at their own RiskThe Event Center will continue to communicate with event organizers, partners and other key contacts to relay updates We will pass that information to you Our Vendors.

  • April 18th, 2020 Indoors Cancelled
  • July 18th, 2020 Indoors & Outdoors
  • November 7th, 2020 Indoors
  • Sellers keep 100% of your sales!
  • Recycle: keep your old items alive
  • Fun, Fun, Fun!
  • Space starts @ $60
  • Hundreds of Booths
  • Vintage to New & Everything in between

Thank you for joining our Sales, we want you to Have a Successful  Sale so we have a Perfect location for you as well we do all the Advertisement for you Please read Below for our Guidelines for Vendors.

Once Payment is Made all Spaces are 100% Non-Refundable and Valid for Sale Date Paid for only.

Sellers Recieve 2 Vendor Passes for each Space (Max 4 total after 2nd Space)

Sellers Keep 100% Of your Own Sales!

Spaces Fills fast All Spaces Need to Pre-Register and pre-pay application available under application Page

Aprils Sale has Multiple Buildings,Spaces are assigned Prior & Not Guaranteed in Main Bldg Outer Buildings are Indoors but have No Heat.

Parking Vendors Get 1 Free parking pass** Shoppers Pay $6

If you are a Business Please contact our office Prior to Paying for space to make sure your Company isnt already attending (Only 1 Like Company allowed Per-Sale~ Scentsy, mary Kay etc.)

General Rules NW’S LARGEST GARAGE SALE & Vintage sale

The Largest Garage Sale (LGS LLC, LGS Events), its associated committee(s) or authorities, reserves the right to exclude or reject without recourse any person or items which violate the following rules, or are otherwise deemed objectionable.

1. Raffles are NOT allowed.

2. No food & beverage sales; (Not even Bottled Water)

3. FIRE MARSHALL REGULATIONS (The Fire Marshall will be enforcing the following)

No “flammable gas, liquid or solid is allowed to be in the Building or sold.

4.Any , Awning, or CANOPY *MUST HAVE A Fire Marshall’s approval Flame Retardant top. PLEASE CHECK YOUR TENT , CANOPY , Awning for Something that says Flae Retardent before you come to the Sale

5. Camping/Overnight Must be Registered & Approved by the Fairgrounds


7. Sellers Booth Must remain set up & Open during Open hours for Customers

8. Sellers are required to wear their Sellers Wrist Band in plain sight at all times during the sale.

9. Spots are not to be sublet or re-sold by Vendors. lf you need to cancel prior to the Garage Sale, please Email us in Writing kimb@lgsevents.com.

10. Friday is Vendor Set-Up Day all Vendors Must set up & Claim their spaces Friday before sale…. Times & Info will be sent to you Sellers move in decals must be worn at all times during set-up. There will be no General Admission on Friday NO SELLING ON FRIDAY Not even to other vendors anyone caught doing Transactions on Friday will be asked to leave the building and may not participate in event with No Refund.

11. After setting up your Spots(s) Please cover your Booth Before leaving.

12. Sellers will be admitted two hour earlier than the posted opening hours 6am for Vendors Only

13. Spots must be manned from opening hour to closing. (The Garage Sale closes at 5 PM on Saturday and the Committee expects each Seller to remain set-up and selling until that time (July’s Summer Sale ends at 4PM)

14. Amplified speaker systems are not allowed. Noise Compliance if you Have items that Make noise, Musical Instruments, Duck Calls, Whistles Radios Etc. the Level of Noise must not effect the sellers & Shoppers around you if you are asked by vendors or a staff member to stop you must stop the disturbance if you are asked 2 times to stop you will be asked to leave with no refund.

15. No Smoking in Building

16. No Animals on the Premises ( Unless Service Animal)

17. For electrical services there is a $95 charge per spot and you must pay for this Service with Application. Very Limited Available

18. After sale is over all items must be removed from your space & Area, including garbage. If anything is left behind, you will not be allowed at future shows and a $100 dump fee will be billed to you.

All spaces at end of Sale must be Removed by 8pm Day of event any items left on Property after 8pm Day of Sale will be Disposed of and a $100 Fee will Apply for Disposal Fee’s and Seller will be Banned from selling at Future Sales

19. Of course the Obvious No, Fighting, Stealing (We will Prosecute for theft) , Drug Use, allowed anyone in violation of these will be asked to leave with no refunds

20. All Booth Spaces will be Verified during set up and or During Sale, all spaces Must be Paid for according to the type of booth you Have. Example- if you are a Business and only Pay for a Garage Sale Space, you will be asked to Pay the Difference or you will be asked to Leave, Please Pay for appropriate space.

21. All Sellers Must Set up on Friday day Before Sale Date NO Saturday Move in all Spaces Must be Claimed Friday of Sale by 6pm After 6pm Friday all Unclaimed Spaces are Released and No Refunds Given All Spaces 100% Non-Refundable


All Spaces are 100% Non-Refundable we do not transfer funds from one sale to another, if you do not claim your space no shows do not get any refund

All spaces & Table Rental & parking Passes & Extra vendor Passes are 100% Non=-Refundable

Sales Tax
If you’re a Business and doing Business as at the Sale you are responsible for collecting and Paying Sales tax to the Washington State LGS Events NW’S LARGEST Garage Sale is not responsible for any sales Tax Issues for tax Questions you will contact the state of Washington IRS